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What is LPGwatch.co.uk

  • LPGwatch.co.uk is a resource for people with property 'off mains gas' who use or are considering bulk LPG. 
  • Bulk LPG it is not only expensive but can be a property owners nightmare.  This forum is designed for users to help users, by sharing experiences, issues and resolutions. 
  • Bulk LPG cost is a hot LPGwatch topic - this forum enables registered users to discuss and share what they pay per litre.
  • This website is not for discussing auto/car LPG, try this non affiliated forumhttp://www.lpgforum.co.uk/

How can I use LPGwatch.co.uk?

  1. Easy, just enter the forum and you can read most of the content.
  2. To contribute you need to register.
  3. If you can’t find what you want, please register and then ask in the forum, other users may just have the answer.  Don’t be shy, contribute; post questions, discuss topics, help others and share your experiences.

Who owns LPGwatch.co.uk?

I am a UK resident, off the gas grid, and a user of bulk LPG. I always wonder if I am paying over the odds per litre, and if I could negotiate a better deal. Previously I tried to change my supplier, and ran in to many difficulties, including the requirement for a crane! The worst experience of my supplier was how they treated an elder neighbour, forcing her to use bottles in place of her bulk tank.

As an LPG user, I have struggled to find non bias expertise, and unlike other utilities I couldn't find a watch dog association acting in my interests as a consumer, so I decided to build this forum to enable discussion between LPG consumers nationwide.

Together as LPG consumers if we contribute to this forum, our questions will be answered, our experiences improved, and potentially we can each negotiate a better price per litre.

Now you have found this site I hope it is useful, please invite your neighbours and every bulk LPG user you know to visit this site.


If you would like to help run LPGwatch.co.uk please email  mail@lpgwatch.co.uk